From the second half of 2009, a new wheel track production line will be installed at Interroll's North American production facility. Although quality wheel track is widely used in Europe, it is currently only a small part of the Carton Flow solution market in North America where there is a large potential for optimising performances in the order preparation and picking areas. This track will be installed in Interroll Carton Flow beds and will also be sold as a component.

Until now all high quality wheel tracks were imported from Europe. Thanks to this new production line, Interroll will be able to ensure a quicker supply to its North American customers. 
"Here at Interroll we are very excited by the opportunity to install the first fully automated production line for high quality Carton Flow track in North America. This significant investment reconfirms Interroll's commitment to North American manufacturing. Interroll supplies the most complete range of carton storage solutions as well as other state of the art material handling solutions from their five North American manufacturing facilities."

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