September 18, 2009 - The CubeStar® automated high-density system from Remstar provides up to an additional 50% of storage capacity per unit by combining both hardware and controls to increase storage efficiency. The unique design and innovative technology of the CubeStar equipped Shuttle® Vertical Lift Module (VLM) provides maximum storage density to the inch, often reducing floor space and capital equipment acquisition costs for organizations.

Using new C3000 controls the CubeStar system measures each tray profile to the nearest inch, determining its exact storage requirement, increasing storage density. The control system determines the best position in the machine based on the least amount of spaced used and the fastest retrieval position. This is idea for organizations with materials that may vary in height as the Shuttle VLM can be designed to accommodate both fixed and variable height objects. Items are automatically scanned to verify the height of the contents on each tray. Other VLMs do not make this dynamic allocation for height and must store the box in a fixed space where there is wasted overhead space.

As a result of the maximized storage density organizations are often able to reduce floor space and storage equipment requirements. The Shuttle VLM can save up to 85% floor space and provides 50 percent more storage capacity than Vertical Lift Modules without CubeStar technology. Savings for facilities could include the cost of purchasing the storage equipment plus the floor space and costs associated with floor space.

The CubeStar system can increase storage capacity with its ability to always measure each tray’s profile to the nearest inch and determine its exact storage requirement. The control system determines the best position within the Shuttle VLM based on the lease amount of space used and the fastest retrieval position.

Remstar International Inc., a company of the Kardex AG Remstar International (KRI) Group of Zurich, Switzerland, is a leading provider of automated storage and retrieval systems for manufacturing, distribution and warehousing applications. For information about how Remstar storage and retrieval systems can allow for tax incentives, call 800-639-5805 or visit the Remstar web site at

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