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Recent Developments in Supply Chain and Technology

Fluensee Yard™ Combines RFID and GPS for Real-Time Trailer Visibility and Management

DENVER — Aug 31, 2009 — Fluensee, a leading provider of RFID-enabled asset management and supply chain solutions, announced today that Penske Logistics has selected Fluensee’s Yard solution to provide real-time visibility and management of its trailers and yard assets. Initially, Penske will implement the Fluensee Yard™ solution with a combination of passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technologies at its Garland, Texas facility. The combination of RFID and GPS will provide Penske with real-time updates about the location, status and condition of company trucks and trailers.

Yard management solutions help reduce inbound and outbound trailer bottlenecks and allow companies to build effective yard plans, enhance their operating procedures and streamline their operations. Not all of them, however, can process the wide array of advanced automatic identification technologies available today. Fluensee Yard combines RFID and GPS technologies with advanced business rules and processes to automate workflow and events across yard operations. Fluensee Yard uses these automatic identification technologies to capture trailer information and automate the process of identifying and locating equipment within the yard and providing an on-demand, real-time inventory of all yard assets.

With Fluensee’s Yard solution, Penske will have all of this real-time capability, and will also be able to dynamically assign trailers to dock doors, quickly assign yard employees new tasks based upon changing conditions, and provide robust event management and alerting capabilities, all which will help drive efficiencies in a distribution or shipping environment.

"We chose Fluensee Yard for several reasons: the solution’s ability to simultaneously use RFID, GPS, and cellular technologies allows it to be easily deployed to multiple locations without a significant investment in infrastructure, and its very comprehensive functionality supports our yard operations," said Chuck Papa, vice president of strategic value. "Fluensee’s Yard solution provides us with unlimited flexibility and is architected to grow with us, which helps us protect our investment and create efficiencies that will help us improve customer service."

"We’ve developed our 100% browser-based Yard application to bridge the gap between warehousing and transportation. Yard offers full automation, visibility and optimization from the time a vehicle approaches the inbound gate, to the movement of trailers within the yard, to the dock activity, to the time a vehicle leaves through the outbound gate," said Chris Brumett, chief operating officer at Fluensee. "We’ll deliver to Penkse a comprehensive yard management solution that provides key benefits, including labor savings, better equipment utilization and improved carrier performance."

About Penske Logistics
Penske Logistics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Penske Truck Leasing. With operations in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, Penske Logistics provides supply chain management and logistics services to leading companies throughout the world. Penske Logistics delivers value through design, planning, and execution in transportation, warehousing, and international freight forwarding and carrier management. Visit to learn more.

About Fluensee
Fluensee’s RFID-enabled asset tracking and management solutions improve the visibility, accuracy, security and utilization of a company’s mobile and fixed assets. Its end-to-end solutions combine highly configurable and patented software and implementation services with hardware from leading RFID, barcode, GPS and sensor technology providers. Fluensee offers its browser-based, enterprise-class AssetTrack™ solution that tracks IT assets, pallets, tools, equipment and all types of other high-value assets, along with its Yard™ application that is designed to efficiently manage assets in transportation and distribution environments. All of Fluensee’s solutions are platform- and hardware-agnostic. Fluensee is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in Englewood, Colorado. For more information, visit

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