Deerfield Beach, FL, July 20, 2009  – The producers of Our Planet are pleased to announce that Schoeller Arca Systems will be featured in an upcoming episode as part of the show’s series on Environmental Impact. The manufacturing industry ships an endless array of products to market. But one important factor that has to be considered is how to package those products to endure the transporting process and to be easily accessible to the end user.

Southfield, MI-based Schoeller Arca Systems is an industry leader in developing and providing revolutionary industrial packaging systems for the safe and efficient transport of products and components. The company custom designs packaging systems with the applicable logistics and customer needs in mind.

Schoeller Arca Systems’ flagship product is an innovative plastic pallet used exclusively by iGPS, the country’s only pooler of plastic pallets, used for storage and transport of a wide range of products. Plastic pallets have been used in Europe for 25 years, currently holding 8% of the market there. New sustainability legislation regarding the manufacture and use of wooden pallets has expanded the demand for models made of plastic.

Plastic pallets do not require treatment for pests and are less expensive over their working life. The advantages of plastic pallets include excellent hygiene, constant quality and dimension, no splintering or nails, no water absorption and relative light weight. They are weather resistant, extremely durable, 100% recyclable. An independent study documented that in all areas of concern — including global warming, ozone layer depletion and acidification — the plastic pallet was shown to have a significantly lower environmental impact over wood.

"Schoeller Arca Systems is the global market leader in plastic packaging solutions for materials handling, offering a broad range of products which improve our customers’ logistics and/or enhance their product branding," says Robert Engle, company President. "We are committed to keeping our customers at the forefront of their individual markets by providing innovative products and services and setting the standard in the industry."

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