New Videos on Motive Power Battery Maintenance Being Released on QuickHowTo.com

Franksville, Wisconsin--Quick Cable Corporation, a leading manufacturer in the battery accessories and tools industry, has released seven new videos for QuickHowTo.com on Material Handling applications. The videos concentrate on the maintenance of motive power batteries, specifically, dealing with the connectors and cable assemblies of motive power batteries.

The seven new videos are:

•    Removing a LeadHead or Intercell

•    Cleaning and Neutralizing a Battery

•    Trimming a Post

•    Rebuilding a Post

•    Assembly of a Cone and Thimble Leadhead

•    Burning on a LeadHead

•    Burning on an Intercell

“Based on feedback from our customers it was our conclusion that the material handling industry really needed training videos that demonstrated these processes in a clear and detailed fashion. These videos will be extremely valuable for the entire industry, from floor shop to sales and management,” said John Shannon, President and CEO of Quick Cable Corporation.

The videos are the first that actually demonstrate the “Burn On” process from start to finish. They can be viewed by visiting www.quickhowto.com and are available 24/7. Currently, Quickhowto.com has over 30 how-to videos online and will have over 100 videos by 2010 that will cover various processes in all sectors of the battery industry.

Quick Cable Corporation, the leading manufacturer of battery connectors, cables, battery accessories and battery safety products for commercial and industrial equipment, is headquartered in Franksville, Wisconsin, with manufacturing plants in Franksville and Mississauga, Ontario.

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