RMT Robotics, a world-leading robotics manufacturer and integrator in the field of materials handling automation, today announced that they have secured a contract to provide their revolutionary AGV, ADAM™, for seamless work-in-process materials delivery in Otis Technology's Lyons Falls manufacturing facility.

Otis Technology manufactures the advanced gun care systems, which are widely regarded by experts as the most advanced gun cleaning system in the world. As a major supplier of gun cleaning equipment to the US Army, Air force, Marine Corps, Navy and Special Ops Units, Otis has experienced exponential growth in sales, which in turn has resulted in an increase in production. Having truly embraced the lean manufacturing philosophy, Otis plans on utilizing ADAMs to streamline their parts delivery process and optimizing the assembly process to achieve JIT (just in time) delivery of parts. Otis Technology, Inc. Operations Director, Mike York says, “New technology, like RMT’s ADAM will continue to play a key role in Otis Technology’s success, growth and sustainability.”

“The Otis application is ideal for the ADAM platform as their factory operation can take full advantage of ADAM’s “random origin to random destination” nature, navigating around obstacles that are expected and unexpected”, says Bill Torrens, VP of Sales and Marketing for RMT Robotics. He goes on to say, “lean manufacturing is a foundation philosophy for Otis and key to their future, so we at RMT are proud that ADAM was selected to be such an integral part of Otis’ strategy for growth and success”.       

About ADAM™:

ADAM™ (Autonomous Delivery and Manipulation) is a category-defining intelligent AGV (i-AGV) that enables fully autonomous transport of goods in manufacturing and warehousing applications. Utilizing state-of-the-art navigation and guidance technologies, ADAM is capable of truly independent movement around its working environment. ADAM freely navigates around fixed and moving obstacles, providing levels of flexibility previously unheard of with AGV-based solutions.

About Otis Technology, Inc.
Located in the small town of Lyons Falls, NY, Otis Technology, Inc. is a female founded, family owned and operated business that employs 150 workers to manufacture the most advanced gun care systems in the world. Otis is the choice cleaning system of our Military, Marksman and Law Enforcement personnel worldwide and has won various awards from the government and other agencies for its superior business ethics and high quality products.  It’s the 24th year of operation for Otis Technology, Inc. and as always, Otis is focused on listening to customer needs, giving back to the community and growing as a business with small town values. In order to maintain these principles and grow as a business, Otis is becoming more innovative and is concentrating more than ever on lean business strategies and procedures.

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