Sky-Trax to install Total-Trax solution as initial implementation phase at Saddle Creek facility

New Castle, Delaware, September 29, 2009 - Sky-Trax Inc. (Sky-Trax) is pleased to announce their newest partnership with Saddle Creek Corporation and the first phase implementation of Total-Trax solution in a Saddle Creek Atlanta, Georgia facility.

Saddle Creek, one of the nation’s top 100 third-party logistics providers, specializes in delivering premium services including; contract and public warehousing, transportation, and contract packaging and logistics services.

Headquartered in Lakeland, Florida, over the last 40 years the company has expanded its operations from coast to coast and invested in leading edge solutions to meet their client’s needs.

“Saddle Creek is a leading 3PL with a commitment to providing their clients with access to new technologies,” said Bill Conley, CEO of Sky-Trax. “We are very pleased that Saddle Creek has selected Sky-Trax as the solution to bring improved productivity, enhanced inventory visibility and the financial benefits they are seeking for their operations.”

Goals set for the initial implementation phase of the Total-Trax solution are to provide a detailed analysis of the productivity and financial benefits that can be achieved with Sky-Trax’s proven, optical technology. The project scope will include installation of a Total-Trax system on multiple vehicles in a 300,000 square foot warehouse. Historical data captured, including vehicle and full pallet movements, will be transferred and incorporated into the WMS for labor management and productivity reporting data analysis.

“We are very excited to be installing Total-Trax in one of our Atlanta facilities,” said Cliff Otto, Saddle Creek CEO. “With Sky-Trax, we will now have access to more data than ever before, allowing us to take our productivity, operational visibility and labor management capabilities to the next level.” 

Both companies will work together during the first phase of the project to identify and document results before moving to new phases of the partnership which include consideration for Total-Trax at future Saddle Creek locations.

About Sky-Trax Inc.
Sky-Trax is the inventor and leading provider of Optical Real-Time Location Systems for tracking goods, vehicles and guiding autonomous vehicles in any size facility. Sky-Trax revolutionary location tracking and automatic data collection systems are designed for indoor industrial vehicles; primarily in warehouses. Applications employing Sky-Trax Optical RTLS are economical and practical to deploy, allowing warehouse professionals to substantially increase safety and improve warehouse efficiency. The results are fewer safety incidents, much lower operating costs, improved inventory accuracy, and greater throughput. For more information, please visit

About Saddle Creek Corp.
Saddle Creek Corp., headquartered in Lakeland, Fla., provides integrated warehousing, transportation, contract packaging and value-added services nationwide. For more information, visit

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