Warehouse Control Systems Open the Door to Improved Flexibility

Tuesday, March 01, 2011 - The Supply Chain Execution Systems & Technologies (SCE) Industry Group of Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA) has released it's Winter 2011 Quarterly Report titled Warehouse Control Systems Open the Door to Improved Flexibility. The report asserts that advances in computing technology and data capture equipment, warehouse and distribution center operations have evolved from an inexact art to a highly refined science.

“With today’s software and technology,” says Cubiscan’s Clark Skeen, vice chairman of MHIA’s Supply Chain Execution Systems & Technologies (SCE) Industry Group, “you’d be ashamed to say you had less than a 99 percent accuracy rate and that your turnaround time was less than 48 hours. Those were pie-in-the-sky numbers a few years ago.”

Among the technology advances making this type of speed and accuracy possible is the warehouse control system (WCS). Warehouse control systems create a bridge between a warehouse management system (WMS), which provides plans for meeting inventory demand, and the conveyors, sorters, carousels, and other automated equipment used to execute those plans.

“The warehouse control systems of today are taking over more and more capability to coordinate multiple processes, and that includes not only equipment but people as well,” says Intelligrated’s Jerry Koch, another SCE Group member. A modern WCS, for example, can control such human tasks as order picking, consolidation, replenishment, and put-away.

As companies strive to gain greater efficiencies in their warehouse operations, Koch says, they’re looking to more tightly integrate their automated material flow with human processes. Warehouse controls systems are evolving to provide that integration.

View the complete report — Warehouse Control Systems Open the Door to Improved Flexibility.

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