Quick Shot®Delivery Solution Fully Integrates into the Packaging Line

SADDLE BROOK, N.J. (Aug. 16, 2011) – Sealed Air today announced the launch of an innovative new delivery solution that fully integrates into the packaging line and takes the burden off of operators while increasing productivity across the operation. The Sealed Air Quick Shot® Delivery Solution, which fully integrates with Sealed Air’s Fill-Air® 2000 and Fill-Air Cyclone®inflatable void-fill systems, speeds delivery of the bag chain with a unique “tug” feature that provides more bags with less motion and input required from operators, enabling them to pack more per day with less effort.

The Quick Shot® Delivery Solution works by retrieving Fill-Air® cushions from a bin fed by a Fill-Air® 2000 or Fill-Air Cyclone® system and delivering them directly into boxes on the packing line. Operators adjust the bag replenishment dial to begin. This establishes the number of bags that the system will automatically replenish after the operator tears or tugs on the bag chain. If the operator sets the system up to replenish four bags and they tear four bags from the chain, the system will automatically advance four more bags to be ready for the next carton. In the instance that the operator needs more than the four bags, they give a slight tug on the side of the bag chain to deliver the additional desired number. The easy-to-use solution is designed to be ergonomic for operators.

Key to the new solution is its minimal footprint, which allows it to take up the least amount of valuable floor space, while providing a truly integrated packaging line solution. Adding to its flexibility, the Quick Shot®Delivery Solution can run any of Sealed Air’s film sizes, including a new film developed specifically for this solution, which reduces the effort to separate the bags from the chain by 50 percent.

“The new Quick Shot®Delivery Solution is yet another example of how we are working with our customers to further automate their packaging operations and provide solutions customizable to their business needs,” said David Weiss, business manager of Fill-Air® inflatable packaging at Sealed Air. “We developed this new solution with both the operator and our customers’ overall business needs in mind to deliver greater operator comfort while delivering positive business impacts through higher productivity and increased output.”

Designed for use in high-output online packaging operations, the Quick Shot® Delivery Solution is ideal for streamlining online or mail order pick-and-pack operations. Sealed Air’s Fill-Air® inflatable packaging systems are available in a variety of fast, easy-to-use systems that deliver air-filled cushions on demand, providing excellent protection and efficient void-fill while reducing material and shipping costs.

For more information on Sealed Air’s Quick Shot® Delivery Solution, call 1-800-648-9093 or visit www.FillAir.com.

About Sealed Air
For more than 50 years, Sealed Air has been a leading global innovator and manufacturer of a wide range of packaging and performance-based materials and equipment systems that now serve an array of food, industrial, medical, and consumer applications.  Operating in 51 countries, Sealed Air’s international reach generated revenue of $4.5 billion in 2010.  With widely recognized brands such as Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning, Jiffy® protective mailers, Instapak® foam-in-place systems and Cryovac®packaging technology, Sealed Air continues to identify new trends, foster new markets, and deliver innovative solutions to its customers.  For more information about Sealed Air, please visit the Company’s website at www.sealedair.com.

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