Portland, Oregon (Nov 3, 2010) — Silver Eagle Manufacturing, the global leader in military light tactical trailer and converter dolly manufacturing, has received ISO 9001:2008 certification, an internationally recognized standard issued to organizations with a quality management system. The certification was authorized by TÜVRheinland®, a premier provider of independent testing and certification services.

ISO 9001:2008 provides a set of requirements that must be in place to have a quality management system, regardless of the organization’s size, product or service line, or public or private status. Certification to the standard is voluntary, and organizations must complete a rigorous auditing process by a third-party registrar.

“Silver Eagle’s new ISO 9001:2008 registration provides a strong foundation for enhancing our ability to serve our customers better,” said Ali Saalabian, Sr. Vice President of Operations for Silver Eagle. “It further disciplines us to continuously and repeatedly utilize the Lean Manufacturing principals we’ve been employing to improve quality, decrease costs and reduce lead times.”

Silver Eagle embarked on the ISO registration process in February 2010 and received certification just nine months later, a feat noted by TÜVRheinland auditors as “extraordinary.” Saalabian, however, was confident Silver Eagle could accomplish the goal. “Our manufacturing group was disciplined prior to the registration, but now with this additional certification we have the right templates and processes in place to seek customers’ input, allowing Silver Eagle to develop and produce products that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Silver Eagle engineers, manufactures and markets a variety of trailers and mobile integrations for the United States Military and defense contractors. It also serves the long-haul trucking industry by manufacturing custom-configured converter dollies and the law enforcement channel with the RapidWALL mobile barrier, a trailer-based blockading system. For more information, go to www.SilverEagleMfg.com.

About Silver Eagle Manufacturing

Silver Eagle Manufacturing, based in Portland, Oregon, is the international market leader in the development, design, and manufacture of on and off road mobile equipment. The company's commitment to quality has earned it the important MIL-I-45208A status. Visit our web site at www.SilverEagleMfg.com.

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