Patent covers the method, apparatus, and system used in Sky-Trax and Total-Trax® Solutions for determining position and rotational orientation of an object in a predefined space.

December 9, 2010, New Castle, DE - Sky-Trax Incorporated (Sky-Trax) announced today the issuance by the US Patent Office of their first patent, covering “the method and devices used for determining position and rotational orientation of an object”. The Sky-Trax vehicle location solution and Total-Trax® vehicle and inventory tracking solution are based on the newly patented technology.

US patent 7,845,560 discloses the method and apparatus of the invention as a general solution to the problem of locating objects indoors. While it may be applied to many fields of use, the two primary application examples include vehicle tracking and stored goods location determination.

“We are excited to have received our first patent grant from the US Patent Office,” said Mike Kinnard, Sky-Trax Chief Executive Officer. “Sky-Trax has dedicated considerable time to engineer and perfect this technology, as well as the methods and systems used to achieve inch-accurate tracking and the real time data capture techniques we use for our solutions. As a result of our efforts and current successes by our customers, we have demonstrated that we are the leading provider of optical technology for vehicle visibility, tracking and guidance and inventory visibility and tracking within industrial indoor environments – the grant of this patent only strengthens our position as an industry leader in the materials handling market place.”

The patent, entitled “Method and apparatus for determining position and rotational orientation of an Object” sites a method of determining the precise position and rotational orientation (object rotation or vehicle heading) within a designated area or volume. The patent covers the use of this method for any stationary or moveable object. Additionally, the patent sites the invention’s ability to be attached to an industrial vehicle that transports objects such as storage units (e.g. pallets) within an indoor environment such as a warehouse. By determining the position and vehicle heading accurately, the invention can determine the precise location of the on-board storage unit. The method provides a high degree of precision, which is necessary to assure 100% accuracy in logistics operations.

The patent awarded to Sky-Trax on December 7, 2010 provides proprietary ownership of the primary technology that supports the Sky-Trax vehicle visibility, tracking and guidance solutions and the Total-Trax® inventory tracking and visibility solutions. “As Sky-Trax continues to grow and expand on our current capabilities, we anticipate having additional patents awarded that build on our core technology already covered under this initial patent grant,” Kinnard concluded.

 About Sky-Trax Inc.

Sky-Trax is the leading provider of Optical Real-Time Location Systems for tracking goods, vehicles and guiding autonomous vehicles in any size facility. Sky-Trax revolutionary inch-accurate location tracking and automatic data collection systems are designed for indoor industrial vehicles, primarily in warehouses. Applications employing Sky-Trax Optical RTLS are economical and practical to deploy, allowing warehouse professionals to substantially increase safety and improve warehouse efficiency. The results are fewer safety incidents, much lower operating costs, improved inventory accuracy, and greater throughput. For more information, please visit

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