They have made some innovative modifications to their VICAM-ssi2 camera. They make it faster, more efficient, and allow it to read a wider range of parcel labels.

Nottingham, United Kingdom, October 01, 2009 -- Vitronic’s VICAM-ssi2 camera scanner is now available with white LED illumination, which enables it to distinguish red codes/text on white backgrounds, and black codes/text on green backgrounds.

It means VICAM-ssi2 reads a wider range of parcel labels than other leading scanners.

Used to coordinate sorters in automated handling systems, VICAM-ssi2 operates above powered conveyors and captures high-resolution images of parcel labels. It interprets these using a decoder attachment or standalone computer.

The system reads barcodes, 2D codes, and codes behind reflective packaging. It also identifies text and human written information using optical character recognition (OCR) techniques.

VICAM-ssi2 is now equipped with an advanced sensor, which improves the camera’s performance by increasing its sensitivity to light. This allows the unit to take high quality pictures above conveyors running at speeds of up to 4.5 metres per second.

Malcolm Smith, UK Sales Manager at Vitronic, is delighted; “VICAM-ssi2 is fast, efficient, and identifies nearly 100% of codes correctly, allowing users to sort parcels automatically at high speed. If required, we can configure multiple units to read up to six sides of a parcel. VICAM-ssi2’s new features stand it apart from other leading models.”

VICAM-ssi2 measures 660mm wide and weighs just 18kg, so it is easy to transport, install, and maintain. A modular device, VICAM-ssi2 features Plug and Play technology. Operators can swap the power supply unit, decoder or camera in minutes without the need for special tools. VICAM-ssi2 is compatible with VIPAC, Vitronic’s popular parcel recognition system.

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