New Security System and High Value Tag Offer Best-in-Class Performance, Design Options and New Features for Improved Circulation Management

DOYLESTOWN, Pa., July 10, 2009 --(BUSINESS WIRE)--TAGSYS, the global leader in item-level RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) infrastructure, today announced two new breakthroughs in its leading RFID systems for libraries. New developments include the L-SP3 security pedestals, a family of detection systems designed for superior performance and aesthetic flexibility, as well as the Folio Archive Tag for securing high value documents and collections. TAGSYS’ enhanced portfolio of RFID stations, tags and e-connectware™ RFID management software, enables libraries to more efficiently address daily operational needs such as material and patron circulation and inventory management.

“TAGSYS’ strategy in developing complete systems utilizing the latest breakthroughs in RFID technology enables us to provide easy to use, highest performing, cost effective solutions to our partners in the library community.” said Maria Kaganov, Director of Product Marketing for TAGSYS. “These new innovations are the culmination of over 10 years of experience in the library market and demonstrates TAGSYS’ commitment to enabling RFID deployment through a comprehensive system approach.”

The new products are specifically designed to consider the unique requirements of the library environment:

• L-SP3 Security Pedestals – The L-SP3 family is the latest release of the best selling TAGSYS security pedestals. The new security system integrates the latest RFID reader electronics for optimal detection performance and consists of two aesthetic options including a clear and solid panel design to seamlessly blend into any architectural environment. The clear option brings the same great performance as the standard TAGSYS pedestals but offers a unique style for libraries seeking a transparent security system.

• Folio Archive Tag – The new Folio Archive Tag is the first TAGSYS RFID label to be fully ISO 9706 certified. It includes features such as a 40-year data retention, removable pH neutral adhesive and “permanent” paper. The label is fully qualified to secure high value collections of documents and archives.

“As a long-term partner of TAGSYS, we were among the first to evaluate and deploy the L-SP3 security pedestal and the performance we have measured has been outstanding”, said Rien Sluijs, Director at Autocheck. “The overall performance, new features and reliability of the L-SP3 family have convinced our technical teams that this is the right RFID security product for our library customers.”

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TAGSYS designs and manufactures a comprehensive RFID infrastructure for item-level tracking in a variety of industries. This universal infrastructure includes purpose-built readers and tags, as well as RFID management software, all designed to work together seamlessly in the most demanding environments. With a proven track record of delivering reliable, high performance production systems, TAGSYS has deployed over 200 million tags and 90,000 reader systems to over 500 customers in more than 40 countries.

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