Lakeland, Fla., August 25 -- What keeps hot drinks hot, cold drinks cold and has survived the recession with flying colors? If you answered Tervis, you're correct. Despite the economic complications most companies have faced in the past few years, the insulated drinkware giant, Tervis, has experienced unprecedented growth.

To accommodate the growth in the number of tumblers produced and the growth in the number of outbound cases shipped, Tervis commissioned TriFactor Systems ( to conduct an engineering analysis of the shipping functions from each manufacturing cell to a consolidated shipping area. This vital analysis provided a well-thought-out, jointly developed concept, budgetary estimates for capital planning and a detailed project schedule for implementation. As a result, Tervis used this information to calculate the return on investment, which proved satisfactory, and have now contracted TriFactor to provide and install the material handling equipment and software systems.
TriFactor offers one-of-a-kind engineered solutions for manufacturing and distribution facilities. The project will give Tervis the manufacturing and distribution capacity needed for their current and future demand requirements. The plan boasts a lean facility using state-of-the-art equipment to increase throughput and decrease wasted labor and materials.

About TriFactor
TriFactor, LLC is a Florida-based material handling systems integrator. The private company designs and installs custom turnkey solutions to leading distribution industry clients. TriFactor's in-house engineering team provides the experience and expertise that warehousing and distribution industry professionals need to give their company a competitive edge.
About Tervis

Tervis, headquartered in North Venice, Florida, manufactures its distinctive insulated drinkware exclusively in America. Since 1946, the crystal-clear, double-walled tumblers have kept cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot with their unique design and lifetime guarantee. Tervis tumbler products are sold at and 6,000 retail outlets nationwide.

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