Lift Truck Harnesses IC and Electric Technology of Best-Selling Hybrid Passenger Vehicle

CHICAGO (January 12, 2009) – Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A., Inc. (TMHU) will debut its hybrid concept lift truck to North America at ProMat 2009 in Chicago, Ill. The concept lift truck, which utilizes much of the Toyota hybrid technology used in the Toyota Prius, was developed by Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO), in cooperation with Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC). It illustrates the company's proven fuel and emission reducing technology and its application to the material-handling industry.

"Toyota's proven hybrid technology is designed to meet customers' needs for more efficient vehicles that reduce emissions and fuel consumption significantly while delivering the performance of internal combustion (IC) models,” said Brett Wood, president of TMHU. “Toyota's hybrid concept lift truck further demonstrates the company's global charter to develop innovative technologies and products that are environmentally responsible and economically viable."

The Toyota hybrid concept lift truck combines the best of electric and internal combustion technology, taking advantage of the strengths of each power source. It draws upon the engineering of the Toyota Prius, with more than one million units distributed worldwide, and combines an IC engine, electric generator and battery in a design that allows the engine to operate with optimum fuel and emissions efficiency. The lift truck shifts automatically between battery and engine mode, simultaneously recharging the battery during operation.

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