Sant'Antonino, 24th September 2009 - The Interroll Group, the most global provider of key products for conveyor technology, logistics and automation, is hosting an international customer symposium in Locarno, Switzerland, on 24th/25th Sepember 2009 to unveil innovations and future-focused concepts for unit load handling. At the same time the company, founded in the German city of Wermelskirchen in 1959, is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Since its foundation in 1959, the conveyor roller - the original Interroll product - has received a lot of company from other market-leading conveyor solutions from Interroll (see following pages). "Today, Interroll is the most global provider of key products for conveyor technology, logistics and automation", Paul Zumbühl, CEO of the Interroll Group, explains. "For our customers, these products guarantee the highest possible productivity for their material flow systems with a return on investment of on average only two years. As energy- and space-saving solutions at the most critical stages of conveyor technology and logistical systems, they ensure long-term, smooth operation with maximum availability. These solutions which are the "heart of conveyor technology and logistics" are always designed with a view to the whole system, starting from the idea right up to operation. This is why we address all project partners", Zumbühl adds. "Conveyor system builders demand the shortest delivery times for pre-installed products for time-saving and simple installation. Planners and system integrators have to be able to rely on project partners who deliver on schedule."

Focused on intralogistics
Today, the Interroll brand embraces an unimaginably wide range of solutions, from internal transport solutions for smallest unit loads i.e. cellophane-wrapped tickets for the Paris transportation services RATP, right up to pallets with chemicals or hazardous goods weighing up to 3 tonnes. Interroll sees the most interesting growth potential in airport constructions and extensions, in highly productive distribution centres in the postal market, which is more and more de-regulated, and in courier services as well as in distribution. "In addition, consider the extreme growth in population and the hygienic processing and fast distribution of foods this involves ", Interroll CEO Paul Zumbühl adds.

Focused on customer benefits - worldwide
In order to further extend local presence and increase customer proximity, over the past 10 years, Interroll has reinforced its network with its own branches in Poland, the Czech Republic, Canada, Japan, China, Korea, Brazil and India. "Due to our worldwide network, Interroll has acquired many years of know-how and experience in market standards. This far-reaching knowledge is constantly flowing into the development of new solutions which all our customers profit from whether global or local, large or small. Every customer can enjoy so to speak the essence of the world's best innovations and thus putting him in a position to be ever more competitive and more successful in the everyday business of conveyor technology", Zumbühl comments.

Focused on the future
Zumbühl has a very clear vision of the company's future programme: consistent customer value delivery. "To be able to meet customer demands of tomorrow, we have to invest in the markets today. That means, we are strongly pressing ahead with innovations, we keep on strengthening our company culture with further education and by maintaining continuity for our employees. We keep ourselves fit and competitive with concepts for the continued improvement of productivity and cost-saving. We use Kaizen and other methods to support this", says Zumbühl, summarising the future course for Interroll. "I am convinced that we, as a company which is financially top-fit, working closely with our customers and end-users, will succeed in this. Long-term partnership is in this respect a positive perspective for me which will survive these economically unstable times."

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