3PLNEWS-NVO-reportThe top 100 NVOCCs (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) in April increased in TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent unit) from March by 16 percent and another 21 percent from April of 2013. Total U.S. imports for April were also up 8 percent from March and another 7 percent from April of 2013.

Expeditors International of Washington is back as the top NVO for April of 2014. Expeditors handled over 34,600 TEUs in April and increased volume from March by 16 percent and another 14 percent from April of 2013. Blue Anchor Line was not far behind as the second-largest NVO for April. It handled over 34,000 TEUs in April and also increased from March by 8 percent. Christal Lines was the third-largest NVO in April and has grown rapidly over the last year. Christal Lines handled about 26,000 TEUs in April which was nearly triple its volume from April of last year. This might have to do with its recent merger with Phoenix International. Other notable NVOs include Apex Shipping and Orient Express Container Co. which both increased from March by 15 percent and 31 percent, respectively.

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This is a 3PL News exclusive report created and written by Zepol Corporation. Zepol provides search access to over 130 million U.S. import and export bills of lading. The data excludes shipments from empty containers and shipments marked as freight remaining on board, and may contain other data anomalies. For more information on Zepol’s platform visit www.zepol.com.

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