U.S. TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units) imports for the top 100 NVOCCs (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) increased by 5 percent from July to August and another 18 percent from August of 2014 The top NVOs handled over 521,000 TEUs or over a quarter of the total U.S. imports for the month.

Out of the top 100 NVOs, 74 percent increased in TEU volume from July to August and 86 percent increased from August of 2014. Three notable NVOs that had significant growth in TEUs from August of last year are: Orient Express Container Co., Honour Lane Shipping, and Seamaster Logistics. Orient Express Container Co. increased volume from last August by 18 percent, or nearly 3,000 containers. Honour Lane Shipping boosted from last year by nearly 34 percent - over 4,000 containers. Seamaster Logistics also increased nearly 18 percent with over 2,000 more containers this August. View every top 100 NVO in August 2015 in the free report linked below. 

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