Marseilles, December 1st, 2010 - While CMA CGM has already reduced CO2 emissions by 35% since 2005, the Group continues to pursue actions taken to minimise the impact of its activities on the environment. 

The reduction of CO2 emissions on a global level is an essential factor for the future of our planet, which is why, in line with its environmental policy, the CMA CGM Group has made climate change one of its main concerns. In the last five years, the Group has taken numerous measures which have enabled it to reduce CO2 emissions from its fleet (both owned and chartered) by 35%. An early positive result for the Group which is keen to stress that it is fully committed to continuing with this environmental strategy. 

Among the wide variety of actions taken, the most notable was CMA CGM’s decision to equip its new vessels with the latest environmental technologies (electronically controlled engines, improved hydrodynamics, waste recycling, etc) with the result that these vessels discharge only 52gr of CO2 per km/TEU.

The Group also decided to optimize the energy performance of its fleet by reducing vessel speed whenever possible, a decision that has cut both carbon emissions and the consumption of fuel, a fossil energy. 

Beyond these actions, CMA CGM has also developed innovative solutions such as eco-containers. Today its fleet includes 130,000 eco-containers with bamboo flooring, low energy reefers (reducing energy consumption by up to three times) and light steel containers, made of a highly resistant and much lighter steel. A few weeks ago, the Group launched a trial of new “eko-flor” containers made with a composite flooring containing no wood.

CMA CGM also offers clients a portfolio of intermodal services combining rail, river, sea and road transport to provide the best possible solution in terms of CO2 emissions. 

“Since 2005, we have been steadily reducing our CO2 emissions down from 116 to 86* gr per km/TEU. In line with our environmental strategy, we aim to continue our efforts to reach 82gr by the end of 2011,” explains Philippe Borel, Environment Director CMA CGM Group.

CMA CGM also confirms its support for the IMO, the organisation best placed to define an international policy for reducing carbon emissions in the maritime sector which would be efficient, fair and transparent. The Group will continue to participate in research studies by various professional institutions to find solutions regarding climate change, and renews its commitment to partnerships such as the Clean Cargo Group and the “Blue Charter” for ship owners in France (Charte Bleue d’Armateurs de France). 

The CMA CGM Group will continue to act to preserve our planet’s environment and biodiversity.

* Figure from 30 September 2010

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