The CMA CGM Group offers a unique service on the market, joining Asia to Iskenderun, by adding a call on its BEX service in Iskenderun

  • The only service on the market joining Asia to Iskenderun
  • With the port of Iskenderun and the Group’s regional logistics offer development, CMA CGM now covers the entire Turkish territory
  • The CMA CGM Group pursues its development in Turkey and adapts is client offer to the Asian and Turkish strategic markets

2015 06 30 CMA CGM Turkey

Marseilles, June 16th 2015 - The CMA CGM Group, a leading worldwide shipping group, is pleased to announce that starting June 16th, a call in the South Turkish port of Iskenderun will be added to the Group’s Bosphorus Express Line (BEX).  

The CMA CGM Group adapts its offer to its clients’ needs and introduces a unique service between Asia and Iskenderun on the market In order to answer its clients’ needs, the CMA CGM Group adapts its BEX line, joining Asia to the East Mediterranean, by adding a call in the port of Iskenderun. The Group now offers the only direct service on the market, and the best transit times between Asia and Iskenderun. Turkish 2nd industrial area after Istanbul is located in the south of the country. This area has been undergoing a strong economic growth. Trades with Asia and the Group’s clients’ needs in Asiatic raw materials have been increasing. Raw materials are imported in Turkey, where they are reprocessed before being distributed in Europe and in the Middle-East.  

By calling Iskenderun, the CMA CGM Group expends its maritime coverage to the entire country By adding a call in Iskenderun, the South part of the country will now be called directly and each week by the Group’s vessels sailing the BEX line. The port of Iskenderun is located in a strategic area in the South of the country. The Group, that has been present in Turkey since 2003, is the first shipping group to have joined the Asian and Turkish strategic markets. With this new call, CMA CGM expands its geographical coverage. 7 of the Group’s services new call directly 13 Turkish ports.  

With Iskenderun the CMA CGM Group develops its logistics coverage in Turkey The CMA CGM Group will benefit from the port of Iskenderun complete offer that will provide:

  • Dry and Reefer containers storage
  • Rail and road infrastructures to and from the port, allowing the CMA CGM Group’s logistics activities development

  CMA CGM logistics experts will therefore maintain and develop its door to door transport services. For istance, Gazaintep and Hatay strategic zones will be served daily.

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