October 15, 2010 - NYK recently reorganized its India-based affiliates. On October 1, NYK Line (India) Ltd. (NYKLI), which is in charge of liner-trade services in India, transferred all its finished-car services to NYK Auto Logistics (India) Ltd. (NALI), which is in charge of non-liner-trade services in India.

The services targeted for transfer to NALI are: (1) NYKLI’s consolidating representation for car carriers; (2) inland-transport services, including PDI (pre-delivery inspection)1 and VDC (vehicle distribution center)2; and (3) administrative work for CONYK CARTRAC Pvt. Ltd., a rail-based automobile-transport company that was jointly established last year with Container Corporation of India Ltd.
NALI had already been transporting finished cars by car trailers, and it’s handling of all finished-car-related business in India allows us to integrate customer relations and meet the rapidly expanding needs of various customers for finished-car transport in India. The integration, added to the NYK Group’s ocean transport, means that the NYK Group can lay out a framework for providing services more comprehensively, from value-added services such as PDI operations at terminals, to logistics solutions that include inland transport by car trailers and railways.
The automobile market is developing rapidly in India, where unit sales of automobiles in the domestic market were about 1.3 million in 2004 but are expected to surpass 3 million in 2011 and exceed 4 million by 2016. The NYK Group strives to meet customers’ needs in the expanding Indian market by drawing on the automobile-logistics know-how and high-quality service that we developed around the world.
1PDI (pre-delivery inspection): Services for finished vehicles – such as final inspections, repairs, and parts application – before delivery to dealers
2VDC (vehicle distribution center): A logistics center that collects finished cars shipped from production facilities and delivers them to domestic dealers in India

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