November 5, 2010 - NYK captain Ko Shindo, who was dispatched as a Merchant Navy liaison officer (MNLO) of the EU, has received a distinguished service medal from the UK’s Chamber of Shipping and the Oil Companies International Marine Forum.

A Merchant Navy liaison officer plays an incredibly important role in the EU’s anti-piracy measures off the coast of Somalia by acting as a bridge between the shipping industry and the military. Captain Shindo was the first Asian to hold this position, and served in this role for about two months from April 2009. The position requires an individual who can explain activities involving merchant vessels to related parties at the MSC-HOA (Maritime Security Centre Horn of Africa), which is located at the EU NAVFOR headquarters to help them take appropriate measures, implement strategies. The liaison officer must also provide needed information to vessels passing through the Gulf of Aden, and their operating companies.. This conferral resulted from an appraisal of his contribution to the safety of home and overseas shipping companies.
On October 28, a ceremony was held at the Chamber of Shipping, a London-based trade association for the UK shipping industry, and was attended by about 60 guests, including EU officials and the press. At the ceremony, Captain Shindo received a distinguished service medal, and NYK was given a certificate of merit.
This award encourages NYK to remain close to related parties around the world to maintain a safe shipping environment.

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