NYK and three Chinese shareholder companies have agreed to a deal that would give NYK a 12.5 percent stake in Guangzhou Port Nansha Automotive Terminal Co. Ltd. (NAT), which operates a car-carrier terminal in the port of Nansha, Guangzhou.

Since its establishment in 2005, NAT has expanded its business as a finished-car logistics complex in South China, handling around 240,000 finished-cars in 2010. The volume of units handled ranks third after Shanghai and Tianjin among car-carrier terminals in China.

NYK already operates dedicated car-carrier terminals in the ports of Dalian, Tianjin, and Shanghai, and this investment in Nansha, Guangzhou, gives NYK capital participation in dedicated car-carrier automobile terminals at China’s four major ports. Through these ports, NYK will be able to provide a more convenient service by combining ocean transport by dedicated car-carriers, PDI,1 and the inland transport of finished cars.
In the port of Nansha, NYK will utilize its accumulated expertise with respect to dedicated car-carrier terminals and finished-car logistics business in China and around the world. To better respond to diverse customer needs in China, where the automobile market has rapidly grown to become world’s largest, the NYK Group will make efforts to further strengthen the finished-car logistics business in China.
Guangzhou Port Nansha Automotive Terminal Co., Ltd.

Head office: Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, PRC
Establishment: November 2005
Capital: 213 million yuan
Equity shares:
Port of Guangzhou Container Comprehensive Development Co. Ltd. 45%;
Guangzhou Automobile Group Business Co. Ltd. 27.5%;
Guangzhou Nansha Infrastructure Investment Co. Ltd. 15%;
NYK 12.5 %

Chairman:  Cai Jinlong
Main business: Operating a terminal for dedicated car carriers
Quay length:  623 meters
Total area:  423,000 square meters
1 PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection): services for pre-delivery inspection, repair, and supply of parts for finished cars

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