August 13, 2010 - NYK has issued the 2010 edition of its CSR report (43 letter-size pages, full color). NYK began issuing annual Social & Environmental reports in 2002, changing the name in 2005 to emphasize CSR, so this is the ninth such report to be published by the company. The report focuses on initiatives to address social and environmental issues of particular importance to the business of the NYK Group.

The year’s edition begins with NYK president Yasumi Kudo discussing the group’s most important issues, i.e., safe operations and environmental challenges. He emphasizes the group’s emergency structural reform project, the formulation of CSR guidelines for partners and suppliers, and the continuing commitment to the UN Global Compact initiatives.
 The report has two special features, and in the first, the diversifying services and human resources that have supported the NYK Group through its 125-year history are highlighted. The second feature spotlights the concept ship NYK Super Eco Ship 2030, which could result in CO2 emission reductions of up to 69%.
*        Special feature 1: The NYK Group: Diverse people working together to achieve growth
*        Special feature 2: NYK Super Eco Ship 2030 charts a course to the future
Moreover, the 10th Conference of Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 10) is scheduled for October 2010, so we set the scene by inviting experts to talk about international regulatory trends, the response of the NYK Group, and the development of new technologies as we explore the relationship between biodiversity and NYK.
*        Stakeholder dialogue: Biodiversity initiatives encourage changes in society
 This report is one of the ways that the NYK Group proactively communicates information to the public at large, earning the trust of stakeholders throughout the world and becoming an indispensable member of society.
NYK continues to make every effort to move forward on CSR, which is an integral part of the infrastructure through which the company conducts its business.
The report can be accessed through the web link below.

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