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The popular and free report contains detailed import data on the top 20 ocean ports in the United States  

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (April 15, 2015) — Zepol Corporation (www.zepol.com), an import and export data provider, announces the publication of its latest report titled, ‘Zepol’s 2014 U.S. Port Report.’ Each page provides detailed import information for the top 20 U.S. ports and compares statistics from the previous year. Additionally, the report contains a professional analysis of the data from the trade publication and report sponsor, Port Technology International (www.porttechnology.org).

Click here to download ‘Zepol’s 2014 U.S. Port Report’:

“Our port report is the most popular piece of content we publish annually,” states Zepol’s CEO Paul Rasmussen. “With so much going on at West Coast ports this year, its insights are especially intriguing and extremely valuable for trade professionals and analysts.”  

Every port has an individual profile with a trend of imports by month compared to last year, a list of key importers and master carriers, and the top-sourced countries for its goods. In addition, commentary for each port highlights volume and value shifts from 2013 to 2014 and what types of products each port specializes in.  

Data Note: The data in this report does not include empty containers, or shipments labeled as 'freight remaining on board,' and may contain other data anomalies.  

About Zepol Corporation:

Zepol is a Minnesota-based company that provides U.S. import and export data. Zepol's data provides competitive intelligence, market research, lead generation, sourcing, and trade compliance to positively impact organizations' profitability. Zepol does all this with its four unique online subscription tools: TradeIQ Import and TradeIQ Export, TradeView, and ComplianceIQ.

About Port Technology International:

Port Technology International (PTI) is the proud sponsor of ‘Zepol’s 2014 U.S. Port Report.' PTI’s quarterly journal and online news hub covers the port and terminal industry in unrivalled detail.   The journal features exclusive technical papers from academics, port executives and industry specialists which seek to create discussion and disseminate solutions for the most pressing and pertinent problems in ports around the globe. The online news hub features a wide-range of content; breaking news, interviews, analysis and multimedia content.  For more information visit www.porttechnology.org

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