Seven of Australia’s largest companies involved in land transport have joined together to call on the Federal Government to finally make Australia’s Inland Rail a reality.
The companies have written an open letter to the Prime Minister today (Download the letter in PDF), calling upon the Government to build on its very welcome $300 million commitment to this project by allocating further funds in coming months to see the job finished.
The companies – Asciano, Aurizon, Genesee & Wyoming Australia, Linfox, Qube, SCT Logistics and Toll Group – are the largest transporters of freight on rail and road in Australia.
Running between Melbourne and Brisbane, the Inland Rail will provide major benefits for each city, the regions in between and all Australians in the form of new investment, jobs and reduced pressure on existing roads, essential services and the environment.
The first tenders for the improvement of some of the line that already exists have now been advertised. The companies are asking that Infrastructure Australia now be asked to review the business case ahead of Commonwealth investment in the project.
The road transport sector is essential for this country and will remain so, but rail has a much greater contribution to make. About 80 per cent of freight moving between the east and west coasts of Australia travels on rail. This is a highly productive, cost-effective and low emission service. Today, less than 30 per cent of freight moving between Melbourne and Brisbane travels by rail. Building the Inland Rail is a huge opportunity for this country.
For Australia to capitalise on its global opportunities we need to ensure we have transport infrastructure that efficiently links together all elements of the supply chain. Inland Rail with the appropriate freight terminals in Melbourne and Brisbane will achieve this, completing a world class national rail freight network and connecting our major capital cities, farming regions, mines and ports.
When complete, Inland Rail will reduce train transit times and transport costs that impact the affordability of everyday household items. It will provide a reliable rail transport alternative for agricultural and mining freight, improving the global competitiveness of our key exports.
By providing full construction funding, the Inland Rail will create new jobs and transform Australia’s supply chain for generations to come.
Media contacts:
Asciano – Richard Baker 0400 809116
Aurizon – Mark Hairsine 0418 877574
Genesee & Wyoming Australia – Greg Pauline 0419 012113
Linfox – Eva Cohen 0417 743 183
Qube - Paul White 0417 224 920
SCT Logistics – Bree Hillsdon 03 9269 5437
Toll Group – Christopher Whitefield 0418 530 806
This link will be useful in relation to where the Government’s commitment stands:

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