Eurogate-Intermodal logoHamburg, 3 July 2014 - Rail transport service provider EUROGATE Intermodal (EGIM), headquartered in Hamburg, has been using dedicated IT solutions ever since its beginnings in 1993. The company’s latest system “TRail” is a response to customers’ wishes for quickly accessible consignment information.
EGIM began development of “TRail” – derived from the combination of “transport” and “rail” – in 2011. Following an intensive test phase the system is now officially in use.

Karim Youssef, EGIM’s IT Officer and responsible for all rail and truck segment-related IT issues, explains the new functions: “We are now able to provide customers with even more precise information regarding their container’s status. Consignment histories can, for example, be viewed and we have established the basis for a ‘tracking and tracing’ system. The digital flow of information can be adjusted to meet customer requirements, thus providing a personalised profile. In addition to this we can display transport chains, something which was previously a difficult task for our colleagues. The internal interfaces to all our partners within the transport chain have also been improved. This means that changes and instructions are now automatically forwarded to the right address faster.”
2014-07-04-EGIM Aaron SpandehraRecognise weaknesses – find solutions
Aaron Spandehra, Sales Manager at EGIM and “TRail” Project Manager for the sales area, describes the initial situation: “Our old system was designed for the daily scheduling of container trains and order management. These processes had, however, become increasingly inefficient and the clearness and value of information were no longer given.”
The specialists working in the company’s in-house IT department responded to this by defining internal requirements and the needs of customers such as rail and truck carriers in cooperation with EGIM’s other departments before creating concepts to meet these needs. Over a period of three years a comprehensive digital package was developed which reflects current market conditions, combines all processes with each other and generates internal synergy effects.
Further optimisation measures
EGIM is currently working on improving its online tariff information service, with measures being carried out to optimise its structure and clarity. In addition to this the transport company has begun implementation of another new IT system – overhauling of the “EGIM-Truck” system, which manages the company’s own truck shipments, began in April of this year and is scheduled to be completed in spring 2015.
About EUROGATE Intermodal:
As a hundred percent subsidiary company of the EUROGATE Group, EUROGATE Intermodal (EGIM) provides combined transport services for overseas containers which are specially adapted to the requirements of road and rail shipments. It offers regular connections between the North Sea ports of Bremerhaven/Hamburg and southern Germany, as well as with the economic regions of Hungary, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, the Slovakian Republic, Romania and Slovenia. EGIM manages railway business in Hungary and Austria through its subsidiary Floyd Zrt., based in Budapest. The company was founded in 1999 as the successor to EUROKOMBI Transport KGaA. Today its fleet includes 26 electric locomotives, 660 freight wagons, 35 traction units and 60 container chassis, along with the materials provided by its affiliated company In 2013 EGIM registered a transport performance of around 313,000 TEUs within Europe.

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Source: EGIM

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