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Freightos rate management tapped to improve online freight quoting, operational efficiency and data quality
Osnabrueck, Germany - March 14, 2016. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, one of the world’s top logistics service providers, today announced that it is completing a global rollout of the Freightos AcceleRate rate management and auto-quote system to further increase value for customers and improve operational efficiency across all modes. Selected after an extensive vetting process, the AcceleRate rate management and sales digitalization system is already optimizing air, ocean, truck and rail freight pricing and sales for Hellmann Worldwide Logistics offices globally. As a result, Hellmann customers are starting to enjoy near-instant price quotes in an industry where days are the norm.
Roland Wiedenroth, Global Business Project Manager for the Freightos roll out at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics“Hellmann Worldwide Logistics constantly seeks technology that provides more value to our customers – we found this in Freightos,” said Roland Wiedenroth, the Global Business Project Manager for the Freightos roll out. “For a modern logistics provider, efficient data movement is critical for efficient freight movement. Instant freight quotes, optimized routing and pricing and on-demand analytics will play a pivotal role in increasing efficiency for both Hellmann and its customers.”
Freightos AcceleRate is a single-source-of-truth rate management system that enables instant comparison of pricing and routing across all modes and carriers, eliminating time-intensive manual work processes and delivering optimized freight services to customers. Leveraging Big Data routing and pricing algorithms, as well as an industry-leading agile rate management system, Freightos has already helped automate over 4.5 million freight quotes.
Zvi Schreiber, Chief Executive Officer at Freightos “We’re thrilled to be selected as a trusted solution provider and to support Hellmann Worldwide Logistics’ automation efforts,” said Freightos CEO, Zvi Schreiber. “With nearly 150 years of experience, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics continues to deliver new innovation to its customers. Freightos is delighted to be selected as the engine that drives even more innovation.”
About Freightos
Freightos is automating the trillion dollar global freight industry. With big data technology, Freightos enables forwarders, shippers and carriers to manage rates and automate freight booking and pricing online, introducing unprecedented efficiency and transparency into the industry. Registered in Hong Kong with offices in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the US, Freightos has already helped dozens of freight forwarders, including top ten global companies, as well as Fortune 100 retailers, automate freight sales, routing and pricing online, while providing big data-drive business insights to optimize operations. Learn more at http://www.freightos.com.

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