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Holland, MI – LeanLogistics, a leading technology company specializing in supply chain management, announces the expansion of its Software-as-a-Service program LeanTMS® to serve ocean shippers called LeanGlobal®.  

The module is designed to streamline logistics processing to improve performance and reduce costs. On average, LeanGlobal improved client productivity by 30 percent and reduced transportation costs by at least 10 percent.   LeanGlobal allows clients to plan and book full container load (FCL) ocean moves directly with the vessel carriers and freight forwarders, provide full visibility of FCLs from pickup to delivery, and ensure compliance with international trade laws—all on one platform with domestic transportation.  

“We heard from shippers about the time-consuming issues they were experiencing moving ocean freight, from accessing sailing schedules to communicating shipping details with multiple parties, and created this software solution,” said Josh Hunt, Director of Product Management at LeanLogistics. “With LeanGlobal, shippers can take control of their ocean freight management all the way down to container-level reporting in a single workflow.”  

LeanGlobal clients can leverage the drayage management system to automate the creation of drayage loads that are synchronized with the associated ocean booking. Through direct connectivity with U.S. government systems, the necessary import and export security filings for international shipping are auto-populated, based on the data within the TMS, and electronically filed.  

Another feature of LeanGlobal is the utilization of WebSettle® for ocean freight audit and settlement. WebSettle manages accruals, freight invoice, discrepancy checking, and freight cost allocation to avoid inaccuracies and delays.   “LeanGlobal brings in real-time data and visibility from the LeanLogistics Transportation Network to give shippers what we call actionable intelligence—benchmarking information to help them make better sourcing decisions while monitoring supplier and carrier performance,” said LeanLogistics’ Chief Commercial Officer Chris Timmer.  


About LeanLogistics

LeanLogistics is a global solutions provider of transportation management system (TMS) applications and supply chain services enabled by the industry's largest transportation network. The LeanLogistics Transportation Network empowers shippers, carriers and other participating members to reduce costs, improve services and gain complete visibility.  

Used by many Fortune 1000 companies, LeanLogistics LeanTMS® delivers complete transportation planning, execution, settlement and procurement, as well as supply chain visibility and business intelligence, to improve business processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs. For outsourced transportation solutions, LeanLogistics offers Managed Transportation Services, GreenLanes™ and Managed Procurement Services that leverage the data intelligence of the transportation network with best practices and transportation expertise to ensure clients receive maximum value.   LeanLogistics is headquartered in Holland, Michigan, and is part of Brambles Limited. For additional information, visit www.LeanLogistics.com or call 877.828.5861.  

About Brambles Limited

Brambles Limited (ASX:BXB) is a supply-chain logistics company operating in more than 50 countries, primarily through the CHEP and IFCO brands. The Group specializes in the pooling of unit-load equipment and associated services, focusing on the outsourced management of pallets, crates and containers. Brambles primarily serves the consumer goods, dry grocery, fresh food, retail and general manufacturing supply chains. In addition, the Group operates specialist businesses serving the automotive, aviation and oil and gas sectors. Brambles employs more than 14,000 people and owns approximately 500 million pallets, crates and containers through a global network of approximately 850 service centers. For further information, please visit www.brambles.com.

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