WeftBOSTON - Global logistics data company Weft is partnering with the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics to enhance supply chain research. Through the partnership, Weft will provide access to unique data and analysis and work together with MIT researchers, faculty and students to find solutions for supply chain critical issues.

The company and university will collaborate to apply insights and models to help businesses gain realtime asset intelligence, reduce disruption and improve operational productivity.

The collaboration begins in March with an initial meeting to identify the biggest challenges costing supply chain businesses. Some critical issues in discussion include how much companies can save by gaining endtoend visibility; port efficiency, congestion and resiliency; and cold chain and high value asset tracking to improve security and prevent loss.

Weft customers include shippers, carriers, freight forwarders and ports. Interested parties and customers can gain preview access to the platform on a selective basis to help guide feature production and user interaction. Weft investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Kima Ventures, Supply Chain Ventures and other strategic partners from around the world.


Marc Held, founder and CEO. Tech guy. Mobile + distributed computing researcher. Relentlessly resourceful. Supply chain obsessed.


Weft originally started out as a tracking system for bicycles. A few conversations made it pretty clear the audience for such an antitheft system would be quite small, but the logistics industry had a great need. I did some research and found out that shipping container theft was a $4 billion problem, says founder Marc Held. He created a platform to bring visibility to the supply chain. Weft is for anyone who ships a product from point A to point B. It lets them be proactive instead of reactive to save time and money and invest wisely for the future.

Weft is the only united logistics platform that provides insights for the near future, informing decisions for today as well as the future. Our platform uses deep learning methodologies to analyze the complete picture and extract the predictions that matter to our customers' unique supply chains.

Learn more at http://www.weft.io/

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